Watt Conversion Tables

Equivalence tables for those who want to use other lamp types, or are forced to switch due to incandescent lamp regulations.

Watts = electricity used
Lumens = light output

(Note that replacement recommendations from manufacturers and authorities may be insufficient, and that many replacement lamps have been found to be weaker than their nominal lumens.)

• Halogen replacement bulbs and conversion kits will give the same top light quality and dimmability as the original incandescent lamps.

• Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) can no longer be recommended at all for environmentaltechnical and health reasons.

• New LED models are constantly being introduced to the market. Though some of the best have been improved both in light colour and output, most lamps available for the home market are still low lumen and not worth the high price. Only a few, top brand, high lumen models are worth investing in, and for quantitative reasons only. The light quality is always lower, which can affect how a room looks and feels. Note: LEDs should not be used around children or patient groups sensitive to blue light (see health page).


• Lightbulb examples may vary in design and availability between countries and brands.

• Lumen values for all lamps are as given by leading manufacturers or online retailers in the EU. They may be lower in real life, or may slightly between brands and bulbs. 

•  Incandescent lumens in above tables are based on EU line voltage. Line voltage varies between countries (from 110V to 240V). In countries with lower line voltage, the incandescent reference lumens are higher (as lower voltage gives slightly brighter light). 

Original reference lumen from leading manufacturer catalogues: 

Always compare replacement lamps against this table (feel free to save it, print it, share it, or link to it). Do not trust claimed watt equivalent claims on lamp labels or government agency websites, or you may get less light than you originally had, besides the lower quality.

Also keep in mind that all lamps get dimmer with age, so Long Life replacement lamps should preferably be brighter than the original lamp to compensate for the eventual light loss. 

Lightbulb images and info: 

Lightbulb conversion kits:
Paulmann (Germany, France and international)
Unison (Sweden)
Bell Lighting (UK)

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